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What’s new in Settings

We’ve recently made some improvements to the Settings tab on our mobile apps.

Exam Settings: View information about the exam you’re studying for, adjust your exam settings, and switch exams

Choosing Your Plan: Compare our Free and Premium study plans and choose the plan that best suits your needs

Subscription Information: Find information about your subscription, including payment method and when it renews or expires

Controlling Your Account: Reset your password and delete your account

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Exam Settings

View information about the exam you’re studying for, adjust any settings for that exam, and switch exams.

Add your exam date

Add your exam date to enable exam day countdown in the stats tabs. Exam day countdown can also be included in your study reminders. Go to Settings > Exam Date and select your exam date.

View and adjust subjects

View subjects and configure which subjects are included in your quizzes on from Settings > Edit Subjects. Choose the subjects you’d like to be included in your quizzes by selecting or unselecting subjects. This is helpful if you would like to work through your question bank one subject at a time, or if you’re studying for an exam that has an optional subject that you won’t be tested on.

Prep Content

Our content team continuously works to ensure that your question bank is accurate and up to date. You can learn more about our content creation process here.

When a new exam version is available, we create new test prep to support the latest version of the exam. There is typically a transition period where two versions of the exam are offered until the earlier version expires. We offer test prep for both exam versions until the earlier version expires. We’ll notify you if there is a second version available so you can review and select the version that matches your needs. You can also check from Settings > Exam Settings > Prep Content.

Switch Exam

Pocket Prep apps contain test prep for multiple exams from the same industry. If you’d like to switch the exam you’re studying for, go to Settings > Switch Exam and select the exam you’d like to study for. You can easily switch back and forth between exams without losing your study progress.

Choosing Your Plan

If you’re interested in how the Premium plan compares to the Free prep, go to Settings > Upgrade to Premium and select View Premium Details to see a side-by-side comparison of features.

Subscription Information

From the Settings tab, scroll down to Study Plan to find information about your subscription, including how you paid and when it renews or expires. You can also edit your subscription or upgrade to Premium from the Study Plan section of the Settings tab.

Controlling Your Account

Reset Your Password

If you forget your password or would like to reset it for security reasons, you can now easily do that from Settings. To reset your password, go to Account Details, select Update Password, and follow the prompts to enter your current and new password. If you forget your password, select Forgot Password, and we’ll send a reset link to your email.

Delete Your Account

You are always in control of your account and data. If for any reason you’d like to delete your account, you can do so from the Account Details page. From the Settings tab, click your name at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the Account Details view, where you can then select Delete Account. Note that this action is irreversible - you will permanently lose access to all of your data. Because of this, there is a 14 day grace period. If during those 14 days you change your mind, you can cancel your account deletion by opening the app and selecting Cancel Deletion.

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