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Where do your practice questions come from?
Where do your practice questions come from?

Learn how we build our practice questions.

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Pocket Prep is a hybrid publishing and technology company. We employ the best and brightest minds in curriculum design to ensure your experience with our app is engaging and helpful as well as up-to-date and accurate.

Before explaining where our content comes from, it's important to understand where it doesn't come from:

  • We never use content found freely online

  • We never utilize or approve of brain dumps

  • We never plagiarize or hijack the works of others

  • Our exact prep content will never appear on an official exam

Our process

At Pocket Prep, we have a defined process for how we bring you the best test prep content–we call it sourcePrep™. Our sourcePrep™ process assures that the material we include in all of our curricula is completely accurate and original.

All of our exam preparation content is based on each individual exam’s blueprint. Every accredited organization that fields official exams is required to provide test takers with an exam blueprint. This blueprint outlines the components of the exam, including the specific focus areas that will be tested and general insights.

After a rigorous dive into your exam blueprint, we map the types of questions commonly found within the testing environment, prioritizing topics with larger distributions (i.e., a topic that's 30% of the exam versus one that's only 3%). We then begin working with subject matter experts to draft actual questions, answers, and rationales.

The subject matter experts have been educated and trained on proper item writing techniques that reflect industry standards in writing effective test questions, particularly in a multiple-choice format. We work with them directly to ensure the correct level of difficulty, the proper organization and distribution of content, and the appropriate language is being used for each and every question.

One of the most impactful things we provide here at Pocket Prep is strong answer explanations and rationales for every single question. When users select an answer for a question, an explanation is then shown describing why this is the correct answer. We also include precise details around where more information on this topic can be found in the official textbook. Our subject matter experts are a crucial component of ensuring we provide our users with an all-encompassing and up-to-date study experience.

We work hard to make Pocket Prep apps worth your valuable study time. While we'll never be perfect, you can trust that a great deal of care goes into making our apps something we're proud to offer students and professionals. 💪

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