Level Up (Beta)

A quiz-based game where answering questions correctly unlocks harder levels

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When studying for a certification exam, it is easy to get discouraged. Research shows that questions in practice quizzes that are too easy or hard impact motivation to study. It is more motivating to answer questions that meet you where you are at.

With our Level Up quiz mode, question difficulty becomes more challenging as you progress through levels. You will see tangible progress and improvement as you level up.

How does it work?

Quizzes are 10 questions or less, making quick study sessions easy to fit in on the go. Once you answer 85% of a level correctly, you’ll level up. Work through one subject at a time or jump between subjects. If you sail through all the levels, you can reset your progress to revisit questions further. If leveling up in a particular subject is more of a challenge, take time to read our detailed explanations.

Now available on the Web and Mobile

Level Up is now available on both our web and mobile platforms so you can enjoy this feature on the go! As Level Up is still in beta, please expect continued improvements to this feature over time.

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