Pending charges can be confusing. When a new pending charge shows up on your credit card but you still don't have premium access, you may be thinking, "Did I pay for this app or what?" 😤

It's helpful to check to see whether or not you were issued a receipt from the store where you attempted your purchase. If you never received a receipt or the app isn't showing up in your iTunes or Google Play purchase history, you weren't actually charged so the pending transaction will go away on its own in a few days.

More info on pending charges

Pending charges are 'holding' transactions opened by merchants. Companies like Apple and Google use these holds to make sure you have enough money to pay for what you're trying to buy. If the charge is unsuccessful for any reason, the pending charge will go away on its own in a few days. Generally, these unsuccessful purchase attempts are why the app hasn't upgraded itself to premium status automatically. Double-check your payment information and available balance before trying your purchase again.

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If you're still unsure or concerned about a charge, please contact your specific bank or credit card company directly. They can help confirm whether or not the charge has been posted to your account.

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