If you have purchased one of our apps already and are being asked to pay again, we recommend a few different ways to troubleshoot this.

Tap the Restore Purchase button

For iOS and Android app users, try tapping the Restore Purchase button located below the buy button on the Upgrade screen. Follow any subsequent prompts to enter your Apple ID or Google Play credentials. Remember, you'll never be charged when using the restore function. If that doesn't work, consider the following:

Did you purchase the app on one platform but you're now on another?

The App Store (iOS) and Play Store or Amazon AppStore (Android) are all separate marketplaces. They do not instinctively work together, therefore, the Restore Purchase button will only work on a device tied to the store where premium access was originally purchased. If you can still access the device where you first bought premium, create a Pocket Prep account to secure your paid status in our cloud, which will allow your access to carry over to your other devices (including our web platform).

What to do if you can't access the original premium device

Let's say you had an iPhone (iOS) but you switched to Samsung (Android). Pocket Prep on your new Samsung may not know you paid through the App Store and the restore purchase button won't work for reasons previously mentioned. We do not have a way of looking up purchases in most stores so you will need to send us a copy of your original receipt. Please note that we cannot use credit card or bank statements as proof of purchase.

Once you have your receipt handy, contact our support team and briefly explain the situation. We'll quickly get you back up and running with premium access.

What if I can't find my receipt?

Check to see if you purchased the app through a different Apple, Google, or Amazon store account. Did a friend or family member buy it for you? Was it bought on an account you can no longer access? If, for whatever reason you can't find a receipt or access your store account, you'll need to contact iTunes Support, Play Support, or Amazon Support for assistance. They'll help you confirm your purchase with us.

But I have charges on my credit card...

Depending on your financial institution, you may be seeing "pending" charges, which are created when a merchant attempts to debit your account. If something goes wrong, the pending charges will be dropped automatically within a few business days. Pocket Prep apps will automatically unlock when a successful purchase is completed so we would recommend trying to purchase again. Please contact your financial institution for any questions/concerns related to charges on your account.

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