Did your remaining number of questions hit zero? Congrats! That’s quite an achievement. 

Once you have answered every single practice question that is available, the questions will then start cycling back through the exam bank. No questions will be deleted, and no new ones will be added in. You can give yourself a pat on the back for making it all the way through!

This is a great place to be in as you’ve maximized all the data that is available. Now is a perfect time to utilize all the different study modes available that will help you pinpoint exact areas where you need more practice. For instance, the Subject Insights study mode will show you which areas you’ve performed well, and which areas you have under performed. You can then use the Weakest Subject study mode to create practice exams that only feature those under performing areas, giving you more practice in the areas needed most.

Congrats for making it this far, and we hope our study modules can help bring you to the next level of your studying! 

💡Pro tip: You can reset your progress at any point to clear all your exam data and start over with the app.

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