Facebook and Twitter-based Pocket Prep accounts are a great way to sync your progress, premium status, and exam data to our cloud. There are no passwords to remember, just tap the appropriate social media login button and you'll be back to studying in no time.

If you decide you no longer want to log in with Facebook, you will need to create a new Pocket Prep account entirely. This can be done through the app's Settings menu. Keep in mind that the email you use cannot be the same one associated with Facebook since it's already registered in our system. The app will indicate errors when this happens.

For free accounts, we do not have a way to migrate your data over to a new account. This means you will start from scratch with practice questions and the test bank. However, Premium Access users should be able to transfer over to the new account automatically. If it doesn't, try restoring your purchase. 

As always, if you run into any trouble, contact our support team and we'll help get you set up with your new account. 👍

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