We offer three types of subscriptions at Pocket Prep:

  • One Month Subscription

  • Three Month Subscription

  • One Year Subscription

Once a subscription has been initiated through the App Store, Google Play or our web portal, you will receive a free three day trial. Sometime during the 24 hours before the end of your three day trial, your App Store, Google Play, or web portal account will be billed at the amount agreed to for the chosen subscription time period. This allows subscribers the option to cancel their subscription within the first 48 hours of purchase without being billed. 

All subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled. Subscribers will be alerted via email when their current subscription is close to ending and when the new subscription will be automatically billed. Users who do not want an automatic renewal must cancel their subscription before the renewal date.

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Once a subscription has been cancelled, access to the Premium version of the app will be removed. Users will still be able to access and the Basic (free) version of the app after the Premium subscription has ended.

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