We understand that many of our users may only be studying for one exam at a time. While our subscription-based bundle applications include multiple exam preparations in a single app, a subscription makes sense for everyone, even those who are only studying for one exam. Here’s why:

An Opportunity to Save Money. Many practice quiz or exam preparation tools on the market come in the form of a one-time hefty payment. After already spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on tuition and course-required materials, having to dish out another few hundred dollars for effective preparation quizzes and tools is downright painful. That’s where our subscription model provides an opportunity to save on cost. Rather than paying a larger upfront flat fee, our smaller monthly fee gives you the opportunity to maximize your study time and meet your individual financial needs. 

Access to Industry-Relevant Advanced Content and Material. Many professionals will typically take multiple exams over the course of their career. From the nursing and medical industries to IT or finance, it’s common for career-defining or career-advancing testing to be a requirement at various points across a person’s chosen career. With the bundled app format, users who may only be studying for one exam at a particular time will have access to view the study material to related exams within their field, allowing them to prepare and plan ahead for those future exams. Having access to this advanced content is rare within the test preparation industry. Access to this content allows our users to get a deeper understanding of what exactly the next professional step in their career may look like. 

Access to the Latest and Greatest Study Modules and Features. With the switch to a subscription format, we were able to completely redevelop and redesign the functionality of our apps. This allows us to regularly create brand new study features and modes that practice the latest advancements in learning science. One of the bigger changes we’ve made to the bundle apps is the ability to combine all of our study modules into one place: the Build Your Own Quiz feature. This feature allows users to customize every aspect of an exam, from a designated number of questions to specific time limits. Users also have the ability to take an exam focused on your weakest subject or your missed questions, ensuring that you’re getting the practice you need in the areas you need it most. These features and many more make our bundled applications so effective in helping people truly understand and retain advanced and complex subjects across multiple industries. 

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