What’s with the new change? 

In February 2020, Pocket Prep changed the way users access exam preparation content by shifting from a single app per exam to a bundled format where members have access to multiple industry-relevant exams in one mobile app. This means that we are now operating with 10 “bundled” mobile apps instead of over 120 individual apps. 

All of Pocket Prep’s original or “legacy” mobile apps are still available for download in the App Store and Google Play; however, the content will slowly begin to fall out of date as new content and feature updates will only be made to the new bundled apps going forward.

The switch to a bundled format allowed us to completely redevelop and redesign our apps. We were able to create a consolidated and uniquely better user experience, all based on feedback from our existing users. This includes a streamlined process for updating our exam preparation content to meet the ever-changing standards from official testing organizations. 

What if I’ve already purchased one of your apps? 

If you have previously purchased Ultimate Access to one of our apps, we are honoring your past purchase(s) by gifting you premium access to that exam prep within the relevant bundled app. For example, if you purchased Ultimate Access to our NASM CPT app, you will be given a free upgrade to view that specific exam within our Fitness Bundle. The same goes for all other individual exam apps, spanning multiple professional fields. 

To learn how to take advantage of this free upgrade, please visit: I previously paid for Ultimate Access for an exam, how do I access my free upgrade to view that exam within the bundled apps? 

To understand the benefits of the new bundled format, even for those only taking one exam, please visit: If I’m only taking one exam, what is the benefit of the subscription for me?

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