Free Upgrade for Ultimate Access Users 

Pocket Prep is giving anyone who previously purchased Ultimate Access through a single-exam application a free upgrade to that exam’s content within our new bundled apps.

Determine if You Have an Established Pocket Prep Account

In order to activate your free upgrade, you will need an official Pocket Prep account. Did you sign up with your email address, or did you skip that step when you signed up?

Please note that signing up for an account using your email address was not a requirement in order to use the app, this includes paying for Ultimate or Classic accounts. Therefore, many people who use our apps do not have a formal Pocket Prep account created. 

To check if you have an account created with Pocket Prep, just click on Settings within the app, then click on Account Information at the top of the page. If your email address and personal information pops up, you do have an account. If a prompt of “Sign up for an account to sync your progress across your devices” pops up, you do not have an account created. 

To Get Access, Create an Account If You Do Not Have One 

Go ahead and create an account within the app if you do not already have an established account. All you’ll need is an email address and a password. Having a Pocket Prep account is required in order to activate your free upgrade. 

Once You Have An Account, Follow These Steps: 

  1. Follow the prompt within the app to “Upgrade”

Open your existing Pocket Prep app on your mobile device. A prompt should automatically pop up alerting you to the availability of an upgrade. Follow the prompts within that notification to download the new app and login with the same credentials as the app you’re currently using. Logging in with the same credentials will only work if you previously signed up for an account using your email address. 

2. If you do not see a prompt, restart the app   

The prompt will pop up every time the app is opened from a closed setting. This means if the app is still open in the background, the prompt will not pop up. If you’re not seeing it, do a force quit on the app (double tap then swipe up on an iPhone, or view here for Android instructions), and re-open it. The prompt should then pop up. 

3. If the prompt just isn’t showing up, send us a message

If you’re just not seeing a prompt pop up, send a message to our Customer Support team and we’ll help you get transitioned over to the new bundle app. 

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