Four months of storage backup 

We store all of our users’ data from our single exam apps - also called our “legacy” apps - for a rolling 120 days. This means that if you have created a free account, or upgraded to an Ultimate or Classic account, within the last four months, the majority of your data will still be stored and available for access. If you’re towards the end of that four months, some of your very first data, such as the very first practice questions you attempted, will be deleted. 

Switching over to the subscription bundle apps

If you are switching over to the new subscription-based bundle apps within 120 days of initiating a “legacy” app account, the majority or all of your data will transfer directly over to the new app, pending any major exam updates or changes.

Major exam updates or changes can affect data saved

Official exam standards and content are constantly being updated by testing and certification organizations. Many exams have annual updates, while some are every 2-4 years. Whenever major changes are made to any of the exams we offer preparation to, we offer users the opportunity to update to the latest changes. Over time, these updates become mandatory for all users (i.e. switching from a 2020 edition to a 2021 edition). 

When these exam version updates are implemented, the data on an account, including completed practice exam questions, will be deleted as it is out-of-date information. 

If you are making the switch over the bundle app around the same time as an exam update, it’s likely that your previous app data will be deleted and unavailable in the new app. The good news is the data and practice exam questions in the new app will all be up-to-date. 

Subscription-based bundle apps store your data for 4 months

When you do make the switch over to the bundle app, these apps will store your data untouched for a rolling 120-day period. We have these parameters in place as storing user app data for hundreds of thousands of accounts requires incredible amounts of storage space. Exam records that get deleted will not affect your overall metrics, flagged questions, or community score contributions.

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