There are two different types of mobile applications available from Pocket Prep. 

The first type of mobile app offered by Pocket Prep is what we call our “legacy” apps. We have over 120 different apps that each feature a single exam curriculum per app. These apps are still available on the App Store, Google Play and our website portal. You can view the full list of these individual applications here. These apps are a one-time payment. However, due to upgrades in our offerings in early 2020, these legacy apps will begin to become outdated over time as the content and study modules are no longer being supported.

All brand new content and exam updates will be made to the second type of mobile apps we offer: our bundled subscription-based apps. These newer apps feature multiple industry-related exams within one app, providing unprecedented value to users. We presently have 10 different industry-specific bundle apps that include EMS, Behavioral Health, and IT, along with many more. 

Pocket Prep made the change over to bundled subscription-based exam preparation in order to provide an exceptionally improved user experience, from small bug fixes to brand new study modules and features that were only possible through a complete redevelopment and redesign of our original apps. 

To learn more about the benefits of the bundled applications, follow this link.

And for those users who paid for Ultimate access to our legacy apps, you will automatically be given free access to that exam’s updated content in the new bundled app. To access the new content, click this link for instructions on how to activate your access. 

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