Studying for a big exam is complicated enough. The last thing we want is to add more to your already-full plate. This article breaks down the differences between Basic and Premium access so you can determine if our Premium subscription is something you need.

The differences in a nutshell 🥜

Each of our apps are free to download and try.

Basic (free) subscription plan provides:

  • Access to approximately 25-50 free questions, depending on the exam

  • Access to 3 of 6 quiz modes including: Question of the Day, Quick 10, and Timed Quiz

Premium (paid) subscription plans provide everything in the free version plus:

  • Access to the complete bank of questions available for the exam chosen(500-2200 questions, depending on the exam)

  • Additional access to industry-related exam preparation for multiple other exams

  • Access to 6 of 6 Quiz modes including: Question of the Day, Quick 10, Timed Quiz, Missed Questions, Weakest Subject, and Build Your Own Quiz.

  • Priority customer service and support

    Note: Premium subscription affects all the exam preps in your selected bundle. For example, if you subscribe to use CompTIA Security+ in the IT & Cybersecurity bundle, you will also automatically unlock CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+ and all other exam preps from the IT & Cybersecurity set.

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