Classic Users Receive Discounted Access to Bundle Apps 

If you have previously purchased Classic Access (60-day access) to a single-exam Pocket Prep application, we are offering discounted rates to use the new bundled and subscription-based apps. 

Note: If you previously purchased Ultimate Access through a single-exam application, you are entitled to a free upgrade to that exam’s content within our new bundled apps. See more here: I previously paid for Ultimate Access for an exam, how do I access my free upgrade to view that exam within the bundled apps?

In order to get a discount code, send our Customer Support team a message letting them know you previously purchased Classic Access and you would now like to experience the new bundled apps. We’ll get back to you with a code that you can use for discounted access. 

If you have an established account with Pocket Prep, chances are we sent your email address a notification of the new bundle apps that included a custom discount code. Take a look and see if you can find it. If not, our Customer Support team can send you a new one. 

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