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⚠️ Don't expect to see our practice questions on the real exam

That's just not how the test-taking system works. You may be thinking "Well, why would I study this, then?" The answer is complicated but worth exploring.

You see, most publishers create their exam prep content with the help of subject matter experts, usually PhD's who've demonstrated mastery of a given body of knowledge. They understand what you're expected to know as a test-taker because the accredited organization offering the exam is required to make this information available to the public. Such exam info is commonly published as an exam blueprint.

For example, here in the United States, most students have taken the SAT at some point in their high school career. You can download the SAT's exam blueprint, which shows a birds-eye view of what you need to know before sitting for it. Here it is, in case you're curious.

We take these lengthy blueprints and break down the high-level concepts or tasks you're expected to know/demonstrate for the exam, writing questions that help strengthen your overall understanding of the material. It's this process of solving problems similar to ones you'll find on the real exam that makes studying effective and worthwhile.

It's not about memorizing practice questions, it's about learning the concepts behind them.

In most cases, we're not affiliated with the makers of the real exam

Since we don't own the rights to the questions found on "real" exams, we couldn't legally publish that content even if we had access to it. The organizations offering high-stakes exams protect those "real" questions at all costs; it's their intellectual property, after all.

Think about it, if you had all of the answers before taking the test, you would probably pass the exam without much effort. Going with our SAT example, anyone could get a perfect score and get into the college of their dreams without even breaking a sweat. This may sound awesome but it actually breaks the system by compromising the integrity of the exam in the first place.

You may be thinking "Right on! Down with standardized exams, I never liked them anyway!" While there are certainly pros and cons to these types of exams in public schools, careers that require these exams for licensure are far less controversial.

You wouldn't want a nurse administering the wrong medication or a social worker sharing your confidential information because neither bothered to master their roles, right? These exams effectively block shortcuts and preserve the integrity of the careers they represent.

What about apps or sites that claim to have "real" questions?

While there are exceptions to any rule, test prep companies claiming to have "real" test questions are either lying or breaking the law. When in doubt, do a quick sanity check and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the app or site managed by the makers of the real exam?
  • If not, is it associated with or endorsed by them?
  • Is it branded with official logos and trademarks?

If you answered no to these questions, think about how the app or site would have access to these "real" exam questions. In our own experiences, these unscrupulous companies usually acquire their prep content unlawfully, such as hacking or brain dumping. Some even steal the works of others and present it as their own. We don't support that behavior and neither should you.

Of course, there are scenarios where legitimate prep companies will offer "real" exam questions without breaking any laws or compromising the integrity of the exam. Our PTCB Calculations app was created with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and contains real questions taken from past exams. The important part is that those questions are no longer in circulation, meaning you can't just memorize them and expect to pass. It all goes back to our unofficial slogan:

Study hard, learn the material, pass the exam.

There are no shortcuts so get out there and earn your passing score. 💪You've got this.

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