If you're just now signing up for a Pocket Prep account through our web-based platform, you may have noticed the optional License Code field that's included in the registration process.

What is a license code and how does it work?

License codes are used by schools and other organizations participating in our bulk purchase program (BPP). The program allows our educational partners to buy and distribute the premium version of our apps to their students so these students don't have to pay out of their own pocket.

💡Pro tip: Have a study group of coworkers or classmates using one of our apps? Talk to your company or school to see if they'll sponsor your premium access through our BPP. Signing up for a partner account is free and has no minimum purchase requirements. 🙌

If you're studying solo and just looking for premium access on the web, make sure you've created a Pocket Prep account from the device that already has premium access. You can then log into the web to bridge your premium status to that platform. No license codes required!

How will I know if I do have a license code?

You'll get an email from us on behalf of your company or school with instructions on how to redeem the code. If you run into any trouble redeeming your code, shoot us a message so we can assist.

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