Pocket Prep is a hybrid publishing/technology company. We employ the best and brightest minds in curriculum design to ensure your time with the app is nothing short of amazing. After all, what good does a beautiful app do you if it's loaded with outdated, inaccurate, or incorrect prep material?

Before explaining where our content comes from, it's important to understand where it doesn't come from.

  • We never use content found freely online
  • We never utilize or approve of brain dumps
  • We never plagiarize or hijack the works of others
  • Our prep content will never appear on an official exam

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Our process at a glance

After a rigorous dive into your exam's blueprint, we map the types of questions commonly found within the testing environment. We go line by line through the exam's requirements and transfer those requirements into our content management system (CMS), prioritizing topics with larger distributions (i.e., a topic that's 30% of the exam versus one that's only 3%). This system helps keep our writers focused on the requirements at hand, which serves to eliminate filler content.

Each writer is considered a subject matter expert (SME) with hands-on experience either working in their field of study or teaching it. They've been educated on proper item writing techniques and work to create questions that mirror those of the actual exam. Most importantly, they create content with a strong answer explanation (rationale) in mind. Part of what makes Pocket Prep so effective is the instructional aspect of the rationale. It's what helps you draw the connections between the right answer and the distractors.

An editor is assigned to each writer to follow behind them as they create new items. Editors are responsible for enforcing the correct level of difficulty, proper organization of content, and appropriate language. Items that don't meet the editor's expectations are flagged back to the writer's queue for further review. Once all items have cleared the first editing queue, a managing editor completes the final review. This is where any small details are caught and fixed, such as typos or grammatical oversights.

We do our diligence to make Pocket Prep apps worth your valuable study time. While we'll never be perfect, you can trust that a great deal of care went into making our apps something we're proud to offer students and professionals alike. 💪

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