Pocket Prep apps are smart. They leverage modern developer tools to ensure you're billed correctly. However, there are some rare situations where you can accidentally purchase the app more than once. If you believe you've been incorrectly billed for premium access, read on.

Billed incorrectly on iOS

As third party developers, we don't control the payments made through the iTunes App Store, which means our ability to correct any billing errors is extremely limited. All payment-related questions or concerns should be directed to an iTunes representative. They're the only ones who can correct any billing discrepancies.

Pro tip: Before reaching out to Apple, you should confirm the duplicate or erroneous charge by checking your iTunes receipt or purchase history. Often times, it's tax or another purchase that's inflating the total.

Billed incorrectly on Android

We'll need to know which email address was used to make the purchase. If it's through the Play Store, it's often a Gmail address. We'll then verify the extra charge and work with Google to reverse it. This process usually takes a few business days so hang in there!

Pro tip: If you're seeing extra pending charges on your financial account, such as a credit card or bank statement, you should wait for these charges to post before attempting to have them removed. Multiple pending charges can be initiated by Apple/Google's payment system and will often go away on their own.

Billed incorrectly through the Website

We'll need to know which email address you used to complete the purchase. This is typically the same email you used to register your Pocket Prep account. We can verify the charges in our system and instantly reverse any duplicate or erroneous payments. 

Pro tip: If you can't remember which email address was used, try searching within your email client for a receipt from 'Pocket Prep' -- we can use the order number to locate the transaction.

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