Pocket Prep has partnered with Wyzant to bring you a list of qualified, affordable tutors that can help get you ready for your big exam. To browse tutors, simply tap on the Exam Readiness tab and then Find Your Tutor (or tap the button at the bottom of this article). This will populate a list of online tutors who are actively accepting new clients.

Contacting a tutor is completely free. You're highly encouraged to reach out and start up a conversation about your study needs, weakest subjects, and preparation timeline, or just to say hello. If you decide to hire a specific tutor after emailing back and forth, you'll be agreeing to their hourly fee.

Tutors rarely work for free since a lot of time and effort goes into getting you ready to take the exam. You can view a tutor's hourly fee by tapping on their profile in our app. If you have specific questions about tutoring, please visit Wyzant's Help Center.

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