Pocket Prep comes loaded with a preset amount of practice questions. You can use the My Study Progress portion of the Dashboard to quickly understand how many questions are in the bank and where you are in terms of progressing through it. When the remaining quantity reaches zero, any future exams you create will contain repeat questions since the app is now cycling back through the test bank. There's no limit to how much you can practice with the app.

Note: The app should never serve you the same exact question back to back. If this is happening, try reinstalling the app before contacting support.

You may still see repeat questions before the Dashboard's remaining count reaches zero. This is often the result of how the app presents questions by subject. For example, if you've been really hammering a particular subject with Exam Builder, you may exhaust those questions sooner than you would simply taking exams containing multiple subjects. In other words, if you're only studying math, you're going to lap that subject faster than you would taking math, science, and reading together in the same exam.

To track your progress and score by subject, tap on the Exam Readiness tab (web app users, this feature is coming soon so hang tight).

See the light gray font off to the right? That will tell you how many questions remain in that particular subject. You can tap into a subject to see even more detailed information, including a list of every exam you've ever taken containing that subject!

If the remaining count is zero for any given subject, future exams with that subject will contain repeat questions. Ready to start over with the app? Learn how to reset your progress with the touch of a button.

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